Gentle Reader, I employ the same Foreword for both my WORDPUZZLE and SOLUTIONS books to show you how very brainy laughing loving wordpuzzles work, so you can choose which one you want first.


I wrote these 14 very brainy laughing loving letters (irot thez14verebrane laffinluvvinletrz) just for fun.  Words in English sound so funny (sounsofune) when you run them together or split them up and leave a few parts out here and there (wenyarunem togethrorsplit emupan levafyu partsowt hernther) or spell them like you want to say them (orspelemlik howya wannasayem) which is way more fun (wichizwaymorfun) so nowyano howirot thisbuk.  Irotthisbuk tumakya lafnlaf cuzitzgudferyerhart butif yaned helptafiger owtwut sumothwrdz or evinalthwrdz men yufelfre tobi thbuko solushins gudluk tuyu yorztrule,


These 14 verybrainy loveletters in English (more or less) are to help you decipher the verebraneluvletrz in my letterwordpuzzle book.  I must inform you that verybrainy loveletters are great fun to receive.  I sent such letters as wordpuzzles to all my children when they were at camp, across the country, or settling into a home of their own.  Before my grown daughter Robin headed out to sea on a tall ship, to be gone for many months, I wrote her a series of these wordpuzzle loveletters, all with different dates on the envelopes.  As she shared them with her shipmates, laughter erupted, and they were eager for the next letter.  So I encourage you to write verybrainy wordpuzzle loveletters to whomever you cherish.  Writing them is great fun!  You will laugh!   Those who receive them love the laughter they spark, and value the letters as special gifts.


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