Although I wrote these 50 tutorials primarily for survivors of child abuse, many readers without abuse in their histories have written me to say thank you for the lessons herein that help them in their daily lives.

I know from experience how our child abuse stories seem to totally overwhelm us. Whenever we tell these stories, we talk about how we were victims. We want our intense stories to be heard, to ease the pressure inside. Can we escape them? No. Can we heal them? Yes!

It is not enough to be a survivor and still be a wreck all the time. I want to really live! In order to move past the trauma, we survivors must learn how to tell the stories of our lives as healing stories. We must make that conscious and deliberate choice. Our history does not identify or define us.

Transforming my child abuse stories into healing stories helped save my life. I became a loving and loved human being. Many of my healing stories are woven right into these tutorials, so they can help you transform and save your life too. Through healing stories, memory yields to imagination. We are not trapped by our memories. Your life is what you create. Love is what you create. Let me show you how to come back to life. It comes down to this. Do you want to really live?


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