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I earned my Ph.D. in Education at

the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,

University of Toronto, Canada, in 1998.


Writing makes me happy!

Many more books to come!

It is really a hilarious book. It is going to put a smile on everyone's face. When I was reading the book for the first time, even I became kid and enjoyed the book.

Lots of fun, very entertaining, very original and creative! Thanks so much for spreading enjoyment and I am touched and thrilled!

I could smell the ocean here...I had a smile on my face the whole (or should I say hole) time...I think this story builds up a lot of expectation for the reader... Brings out his/her inner kid. We get Mortimer...

I admire how Lulu and Toaster allow him to be curious –adventurous himself and learn... And I also like that they all laugh together in the end. It shows that we can take ease and learn from our “mistakes”.

OH NO! Sometimes we have to learn through trial and error that the rules are there for a reason... I really like Mortimer. He has a lot of youth-like qualities in him.

The little devil!  How he explores from different angles...We get the feel of this playful, whimsical, curious little guy who leads himself to trouble... How fun!  He’s so adorable!

For other readers, well... the suspense will just kill them...What is in that hole? They become Mortimer themselves...

How clever! How can one think a rabbit can be kept from a hole? Nice expectation being built...Just what will he do? Peek? Of course...

It was intriguing to read about where you found the lion’s tooth and how you came by it. It created movies in my inner eye which were palpable and sensual.   This must be something that a writer might delight in - that his/her words were powerful enough to create muscular visual images

From my heart I thank you for sharing your tutorials.  They are marvellous and wise and full of kindness and esoterically goofy. They are also universally appealing and resonate...

First off, thank you for your tutorials, and for trying to find ways to share them with others, to offer your learnings. You know that's a brave thing to do, and I guess I want you to know I know that too. And honour and appreciate it. Thanks. I'd say I got hooked on Tutorial 3, when you talk about cats...your tutorials are new stories that carry old truths. They spoke to me, they are inspiring and I'd love to read more.

I think you have a really neat thing with your tutorials...I can see how they would work for lots and lots of people.  Maybe this is something to give to therapists that they could use as a tool?

What a wonderful world you have created!! I loved all of your tutorials.  I am especially connected to the wolf as a figure of fear and of harnessing the fear, so I liked that.  They are brilliant, understanding, compassionate and helpful. I can't tell you which one I liked best. All I can tell you was what caught me....and that was the talk of the wolf and creating is power.....I loved it!!  Good work and congrats!!

Your tutorials are very well done…For someone having suffered child abuse you offer a message of hope and a method for helping them heal. Sharing your own story and how you have found joy after the suffering is very appealing to one who may not be there yet.  You provide a message of hope that is a wonderful gift.  I hope that this message is heard and received, and your project thrives.

I have just read through tutorial 37.  Beautiful.  When something really touches me inside, like this has, I feel a whirlwind of emotions that swirl in my chest.  It´s an extraordinary feeling and it makes so much sense…Any man can become a father. This does not equate to being a father... What I really want to say is how proud of you I am.

I have to say that the 6th tutorial is a very valuable lesson for those with anger issues.  Like me.  Thanks.

It’s really pleasurable to re-read your tutorials. Many tutorials have become even more meaningful to me.

I am on a healing journey.  I thank you for that!. It is emotional and healing journey…In every tutorial I relate to your words to my world in some way. In every tutorial there is a lesson taught and a lesson learned. In every tutorial I learn even though I come from a different childhood.   For example, your tutorial on authority. I related it to myself as a teacher and as a student and the way sometimes teachers exercise their authority in the wrong way. That is, just as you put it but in the right words, being a big bully…

I want to say I find your tutorials wonderful. Each one has a straightforward lesson that is delivered with language that is at everyone’s reach (nothing twisty). The message is forceful and full of insight, you express your past without reservation while providing the reader with inspiration, strength and even "comic relief.”